Best Environmental Initiative Award

Environmental initiative leading to improvement in water / energy consumption, effluent generation, waste generation, fugitive emissions, reduction in quantity being sent to landfill / incineration, improved compliance etc.

The following parameters will be considered for evaluation

          Magnitude of the improvement

          Employee & Stake-holder Involvement

          Actual physical change in process / outcome (i.e. not a reclassification or change in nomenclature etc)

          Sustainability of the initiative

          Confirmation of the outcome by Finance / Corporate SHE / Independent source


The nomination brief should preferably have both qualitative and quantitative data that may be relevant to support the nomination. You are expected to mention the following:

          Details about the team, its members and their assignments

          Parameter(s) for consideration that have been demonstrated

          Briefly about the achievements, outstanding contribution made by the team supported both by quantitative and qualitative data

          Any other relevant information that you would like to share